VR Vision Inc – Reality Well in partnership and collaboration with University of Waterloo – Department of Systems Design Engineering, 2Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences, and Schlegel Villages – Research Institute for Aging have published an academic research study entitled: Immersive Virtual Reality Exergames for Persons Living With Dementia: User-Centered Design Study as a Multistakeholder Team During the COVID-19 Pandemic https://games.jmir.org/2022/1/e29987 via JMIR Serious Games, JMIR Publications Inc.– Advancing Digital Health & Open Science.

We are honored to be the dedicated technology partner for this study and delighted to be working with a great multidisciplinary team!

John Muñoz, Samira Mehrabi, Yirou Li, Aysha Basharat, Laura E Middleton, Shi Cao, Michael Barnett-Cowan, Jennifer Boger

The authors thank the exercise professionals that were involved in the different design stages of the project. Professionals: Maggie Douglas, Janelle Way, Dagmara Klisz, Kristin Frye, and Zack Henderson from the LTC home; and Brian Fhest, Eliza Reid, Amanda Serschen, and Katelyn Corke from YMCA. Also, the VR Vision company led by Roni Cerga (CEO) and Joannah Apelo (SVP, Operations and Healthcare) and their team comprising David Tucciarone, Wei Yuen, Ahmad Askri, Alex Pryor, Karan Sharma. This study is supported by a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Engage Grant (to SC), the Network for Aging Research, and a University of Waterloo Trailblazer Grant (to MB-C and SC)