Rising Sun VR

Rising Sun VR | Reality Well
Step into the role of being a keeper of your own Japanese garden. Players can relax peacefully in this Japanese strolling garden, by completing day to day tasks and enjoying the sights and landmarks.
Key Tasks:

  • Feed the Fish in the ponds
  • Light the Toro Stone Lanterns
  • Plant and grow the bamboo
  • Meditate under the rising sun
  • Catch the butterflies
  • Discover all the landmarks
  • Mark the passage of time by hitting the Bonsho (bell)

As you make your way through some of the tasks, you may find some secrets along the way, and discover new landmarks on each playthrough. Find your tasks on your task board at the start of the garden.

Game Modes: Single Player for Now, Soon to be Multiplayer
Supported Controllers: Oculus Quest